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How are conservators chosen?

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How are conservators chosen?

People in California are willing to help out their loved ones when they are in need of help. Some people are more in need of help than others though. Sometimes loved ones may have mental or physical disabilities since birth that they will be living with for their entire lives. Other people will develop physical or mental disabilities as they grow older and will need others to help them more than they used to need.

In both types of situations, it may be at a point where loved ones can no longer handle their day-to-day affairs, their finances, their medical appointments, medications and other aspects of their lives. When people become adults though they are the ones who have the authority to control their lives and in many situations they are the only ones who can legally manage many of these types of affairs. However, it is not good for them if they are in a position where they cannot manage their affairs for themselves.

Who can be appointed conservator?

People who have loved ones who cannot manage their affairs may need to establish a conservatorship for the loved one. There are many people who can start this process and become the conservator for the loved one.

The people needing a conservator can nominate the conservator if they are of proper mind at the time of the appointment. If they are not, then there is an order of preference. The order is spouse, adult child, parent, sibling, any other person that is deemed fine and finally a public guardian if there is no one else. No matter who is chosen as conservator, the court needs to ensure that the person chosen is in the best interests of the person needing a conservator.

Unfortunately, there are many people in California who need a conservator. This can be a complicated process and one that needs to be done correctly to ensure the people are receiving the care that they need in order to handle their legal affairs. Experienced attorneys understand the process of appointing conservatorships and may be a useful resource.