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Estate planning for children with special needs

Torrance Probate and Estate Planning Attorney

Estate planning for children with special needs

There are many Torrance area families who have children with special needs. These children require a lot of care in their daily lives and will need that expert care for the rest of their lives. Families need to take the time to create an estate plan that covers the care of their special needs children to ensure they will always be taken care of.

An estate plan is necessary to ensure a child’s care will continue when and if their parents die. First, a will needs to be created that designates a guardian for the child. It should include information about the child, including their medical providers, their likes and dislikes and a parent’s wishes for their child.

Parents may also want to consider setting up a special needs trust. This trust would not count against the child receiving Medicaid or Supplemental Security Income and the money in the trust can cover expenses that the government programs do not. These can help a child have a better quality of life and yet still qualify for the important government benefits.

A legal professional who specializes in estate planning can help a family who has a child with special needs. An attorney understands the legal complications a special needs child can bring to the table and how best to make sure this child will be protected for the rest of their lives. Estate planning is critical for families who have children with special needs. Most of the time these children will need care forever, so ensuring a plan is in place can be comforting for families.