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How to begin an estate plan

Torrance Probate and Estate Planning Attorney

How to begin an estate plan

You may be putting off creating your estate plan for various reasons. One common excuse is that people are afraid of addressing the required work. However, crafting an estate plan in California may be easier than you think. By approaching it methodically, you can end up with an estate plan that works for you and your family.

The first approach to an estate plan

The best way to begin an estate plan is with organization and forethought. With a pen, paper and calculator, figure out all your assets. Then, you should list your concerns. Finally, consider who you need to take care of in the event of your passing. After this, you should educate yourself about each of the options that are available. The combination of planning and education helps take some of the angst out of estate planning.

The consequences of not having an estate plan

Your family may end up embroiled in contentious litigation if you die without an estate plan. This can be expensive and increase the risk of a permanent rupture in the family. There may also need to be critical decisions made about your medical care that are more difficult to reach without an estate plan. All you need to do is set an estate plan once and then revisit it periodically as time passes and situations change.

Getting professional help

An estate planning attorney could be helpful to you as you begin this process. They may assist you in approaching the estate plan methodically and offer valuable guidance. The attorney might make the process easier by drafting the documents for you as they become necessary. Legal counsel could also suggest the right solutions that make sense for you and your family.