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The business side of estate planning

Torrance Probate and Estate Planning Attorney

The business side of estate planning

Few people wish to think about their eventual passing. However, concerns about how death affects family members lead some business owners to take part in estate planning. Entrepreneurs in California often realize that the commercial aspects of their estates add further complexities, and business partners may feel the impact of someone’s passing as well. Effective estate planning could make things easier on others.

A common mistake people make is focusing estate planning on personal finances and assets exclusively. Leaving questions and ambiguity about business endeavors could create a legal morass. The basics of estate planning often entail drawing up the appropriate documents as wills, trusts, living trusts, documents related to power of attorney and more might prove valuable. Without these documents, legal fights may emerge due to ambiguity.

Estate planning also involves thinking things through carefully. A snap decision to leave a business to family members might not be the right move. The family may not be in the position or possess the knowledge to run the enterprise. Perhaps directions to sell off the company and distribute proceeds to the family would prove advisable. Anyone concerned with estate planning might need to weigh various decisions, and developing a workable succession plan with the help of an attorney may help move the process along reliably.

Having the right insurance coverage in place may prove valuable for business owners too. Life insurance settlements, for example, could cover many business expenses during the probate period.

An attorney may draw up the necessary documents after careful discussions with a client. An attorney may also advise the client about the pros and cons of each decision. Estate planning and drawing up documents with an attorney might reduce the chances of contesting. Legal professionals are often called as witnesses during contested will proceedings, so an attorney may reveal that the papers reflect a client’s sincere wishes.