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What happens during probate?

Probate is a legal term that many California residents have heard and probably associate with something negative. It is often said that probate should be avoided whenever possible, but not everyone takes the proactive steps of preparing an estate plan to accomplish...

Should you try to avoid probate?

If you die without a will in California, your estate will go through probate. Even if you leave a will behind, your estate might go through probate anyway to give people the chance to contest your will. Probate can be useful in certain situations, but you might want...

Some common issues with trust administration

A trust can be a great way to protect assets for loved ones who are set to inherit them. Yet, the effectiveness of a trust is often left in the hands of a trust administrator. This person may be named by the individual who created the trust, or he or she may be...

Probate basics: the executor of a will

Many Californians have heard of the probate process, but not everyone fully understands what it entails.The executor of an estate is an individual who is tasked with carrying out the terms of a will. But he or she may be expected to do much more than distribute assets...

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