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We Help Clients Plan Ahead To Avoid Conservatorships, And We Empower Clients to Protect Their Elderly Loved Ones Through Conservatorships

Caring for aging parents or other aging family members is essential when they reach a point where they lose their ability to maintain independence. In these cases, when aging loved ones lose the capacity to make decisions concerning their financial matters, medical care or other matters, someone needs to step in and manage their affairs. Through a conservatorship, a court appoints an individual to handle financial affairs and personal care decisions on behalf of the incapacitated person. A conservatorship can also help to prevent elder abuse. As a compassionate team experienced in California elder law, we can help you seek a conservatorship in emergency situations or ahead of time before the person’s loss of capacity creates large problems to resolve.

Tailored Approaches To Obtain Desired Outcomes For Clients

If a conservatorship proceeding is necessary in your case, you will have the peace of mind knowing that the Meinzer Law Firm, PC, will stand by your side. We tailor our approach to each individual case and each client’s unique and specific challenges. As your attorney, we strive to achieve your desired outcome in all situations. In some situations, your loved one or family members may object to having someone named as a conservator. They may feel that they are still capable of making their own decisions and having another individual make these choices for them can cause serious disagreements that result in contested proceedings. If you need help either establishing a conservatorship or opposing one, we have extensive experience on both sides of these matters. We can help you determine the potential path to pursue in order to obtain the specific results necessary in your case.

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