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Estate Litigation

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Protecting Clients In Estate And Trust Litigation

Establishing a trust is not necessarily a guarantee that all parties involved in the estate plan will be satisfied with the results. At Meinzer Law Firm, our clients benefit substantially from our two decades of experience providing sound legal advice to resolve California trust, conservatorship, and probate litigation. If you are facing litigation or wish to initiate a lawsuit stemming from the mismanagement of a trust, a conservatorship, or a probate, please contact us today and schedule a consultation with an experienced lawyer.

Comprehensive Assistance And Straightforward Legal Representation

It is critical that you obtain the services of a competent litigator when conflict arises between parties involved in a trust dispute, will contest or other dispute. We will take the time to learn the details of your case before making recommendations to help solve your legal issues. Some of the more common occurrences that can result in situations requiring trust and estate litigation services include:

  • The beneficiary of an estate plan disagrees with the manner in which a trustee distributes assets.
  • A beneficiary contends mismanagement of a portion of an estate plan.
  • A trustee seeks to defend their actions during the administration of a trust.
  • Accusations of a lack of mental capacity to establish or alter the terms of an individual’s trust.
  • Allegations of undue influence over an individual resulting in the establishment or alteration of a trust.

These are just a few examples; many other issues may arise that require the assistance of an attorney to truly understand all of the options available. In each case, we offer personal guidance to assist our clients through this complicated and time-consuming process. Our hands-on experience with trust and estate litigation benefits our clients by helping them obtain their desired outcomes.

An Experienced Attorney Who Is Ready To Help You

If you are facing a lawsuit stemming from the execution of a trust, please contact us today. An experienced, compassionate attorney can make a difference in your case. We stand by our clients through every phase of the process. Communication, compassion and comprehensive representation define our law firm. Reach us in Torrance at 310-375-3350 to schedule a time for us to discuss the details of your situation. You can also reach us via email.