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Trust Administration

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Carrying Out Someone’s Trust

Trust Administration

Torrance trust administration

Trust Administration Can Help You Avoid Conservatorship And Probate

Understanding the complexities of estate planning requires the assistance of a knowledgeable lawyer you can trust. At Meinzer Law Firm, PC, in Torrance, hundreds of satisfied clients across California and around the world have benefited from our two decades of hands-on experience with trust administration. We provide the personal attention and guidance our clients need to help resolve their complex estate law situations. In every case, we pursue outcomes for clients to help maximize benefits for their families.

A trust may be an integral part of a comprehensive estate plan and may help you avoid conservatorship and probate. Trusts designate who will administer distribution of the assets of the trust after your passing or if you become incapacitated. As an experienced estate planning and probate law firm, our role is to assist with:

  • Administering and executing the terms of the trust
  • Managing assets for the benefit of individuals who lose their decision-making capacity
  • Distributing assets after your passing
  • Representing you in the event of a lawsuit against an individual attempting to alter the terms or conditions of a trust
  • Defending your interests if you are a beneficiary named in a trust

Difference Between Types Of Trusts

There are two primary types of trusts:

  • Revocable trusts: This document designates an individual to distribute your assets after your passing or to manage your assets for your benefit if you become incapacitated. As the name implies, this document can be altered throughout your lifetime.
  • Irrevocable trusts: This type of trust cannot be modified or adjusted once it has been signed. In some instances, an irrevocable trust offers significant tax advantages.

Advantages Of Working With An Attorney For Trust Administration

Having an attorney in your corner with extensive knowledge of trust administration assists with the following matters, as well as many others:

  • Helps avoid challenges to your estate by an outside party
  • Aids in ensuring all applicable laws regarding trust administration will be observed
  • Avoids expensive and time-consuming court proceedings, including probate and conservatorship

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