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Medi-Cal health coverage for seniors

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Medi-Cal health coverage for seniors

Seniors in the Torrance area understand how important health care is. Seniors citizens need more healthcare than most because of their age and needs. Health care can be incredibly expensive, which is why the state-run Medicaid plan, Medi-Cal, is a popular option for seniors. Creating a plan to receive Medi-Cal benefits is a popular strategy for California families.

Medi-Cal offers many benefits for senior citizens. It includes health care coverage and nursing home benefits, along with others. Nursing home costs are through the roof and a person’s lifelong savings can be gone in a blink of an eye. Medi-Cal long term care coverage is a good option for those who need nursing home care but don’t want to spend all of the family’s savings.

A senior citizen needs to qualify for these benefits in order to receive them. The eligibility requirements require a senior to have limited assets. But, with careful planning, seniors can protect their assets and still qualify for Medi-Cal.

The laws surrounding Medi-Cal are complex. An attorney who specializes in estate planning can help their client set up their estate to protect their assets and also help them be eligible for Medi-Cal benefits. There can be sever penalties if an estate is not set up correctly and assets are transferred inappropriately. Having an attorney with experience can help safeguard a family estate and not losing assets to the state as reimbursement for Medi-Cal benefits.

Medi-Cal benefits are wonderful for senior citizens. Seniors should plan ahead with their estate in order to protect their assets and subsequently qualify for Medi-Cal benefits.