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Estate litigation can help protect a loved one’s legacy

Torrance Probate and Estate Planning Attorney

Estate litigation can help protect a loved one’s legacy

In the days and weeks following the death of a loved one, family and friends often come together in unity as a way to honor and remember the recently passed. While these moments can help build solidarity, they can quickly be forgotten when the deceased’s wishes are revealed in his or her estate plan.

For some families, there is nothing surprising in their loved one’s estate plan. For other families, though, certain members may find themselves utterly shocked when they find out how their loved one’s assets are to be managed and distributed.

Those who find themselves in the latter category may want to take a closer look at the circumstances surrounding the creation or modification of their loved one’s estate plan. There may be indications that undue influence or fraud has occurred, such as when a will is modified to give a greater share of estate assets to an individual who had great power, influence, and control of the testator. If any red flags are raised, then it may be time to consider whether estate litigation is warranted.

At the Meinzer Law Firm, we know how delicate these matters can be. After all, pursuing estate litigation can threaten to strain or break familial relationships. However, our legal team also understands the importance of ensuring that the outcome a deceased individual wanted is brought into reality.

While estate plans are often about who receives financial support, it is also much bigger than that. Oftentimes an estate plan is the legacy that an individual leaves behind in the wake of his or her death.

These wishes must be guarded at all costs, which is why we work closely with Californians to fight against estate planning documents that are questionable. We take pride in our work and our record of success.