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What is Required for a Valid California Will?

Torrance Probate and Estate Planning Attorney

What is Required for a Valid California Will?

A will is an important document in a Torrance resident’s estate plan. It can help a family understand how the property of a decedent should be distributed and to whom items of wealth and property should go. However, when a will does not meet certain requirements, it may be considered invalid. California law dictates the necessary elements of a valid will. When considering the process of drafting a new will or updating an existing one, an individual can choose to seek the counsel of a California-based attorney for estate planning support.


One requirement of a valid California will is meeting a threshold age. Individuals must be at least 18 years old to draft and execute valid wills. If a person is a minor and under the age of 18, they may not have the legal power to execute a recognized will.

Sound mind

A second requirement for a valid California will is that the creator of the will is of sound mind. Being of sound mind means having the mental capacity to understand what their will can accomplish and what will happen to their property according to their will when they die. If a person does not have the requisite capacity to understand the purpose and function of their will, it may be found invalid after the individual dies.
Aside from age and soundness of mind, there are other technical requirements that wills must meet to be recognized as valid. A will is a powerful tool in an individual’s estate plan, and it is worth ensuring that it is prepared and executed correctly to avoid costly and frustrating problems later on. Legal help can provide those with questions with answers to their estate planning inquiries.